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A few thousand sales on PC? I would think a few hundred Ks would be more likely.

Anyways, Death Stranding has sort of fallen to the wayside for me in the past week or so as I was playing a ton of Disco Elysium (and finally finished the game on Friday night) and Luigi's Mansion (still a long ways to go before finishing this game). I did play a bit of DS this weekend, finishing three missions (one of them being a tutorial mission), but most of my weekend was playing Pokemon Sw/Sh with my wife and daughter. My daughter and I both have our second gym badges and are having a lot of fun.

Last night I bought Jedi Fallen Order on a whim, having never really liked Star Wars very much but wanting to give it a try after hearing decent things of the game. So far the gameplay seems clunky and the performance seems unoptimized on PS4 Pro, but it is still fun. I must say, however, that performance mode, which is supposed to scale things to 1080p for a better framerate, does not look like 1080p to my eye. Performance mode seems more like 720p or 900p, while enhanced mode is definitely not 4k, and is maybe 1440p, or worse.

But I digress, this is a thread about DS, and I do intend on playing more of it very soon. Still in Chapter 3, and finding enjoyment in the gameplay. :)