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After seeing 2nd week sales numbers already popping for some markets i'm starting to get a better picture about how well Death Stranding must have done saleswise.

By my own calculations (just in my head based in data and previous experience with other games), i think Death Stranding must have done around 1'6M units sold worldwide first week (counting digital), and another 400-500k in its 2nd week so after 2nd week the game must be around 2'0-2'1M units sold. I expect the game to be around 3'0M by years end.

For comparison:

God of War did 3'1M 1st week (official numbers) and probably was around 4'2M after 2nd week. The game must be around 11-12M by now.

Spider-Man did 3'3M 1st week (official numbers) and probably was around 4'8M after 2nd week. The game must have sold more than 14M by now.

Horizon Zero dawn probably did 2'0M 1st week and sold 2'6M after 2nd week (official numbers). The game must be around 11-12M by now.

Uncharted 4 did 2'7M 1st week (official numbers) and around 3'5M after 2nd week. The game must have sold around 17M by now.

Days Gone probably did 1'8M 1st week and 2'5M after 2nd week. The game is probably going to be around 5-6M by year's end.

So Death Stranding must be below those games. It's obvious that an obscure marketing campaign about how the game worked, subpar tv advertsing, the annoucement of a PC port just 1 week before launch and the review bombing of some big gaming reviews like IGN affected heavily the impact of the sales of the game. A real shame.

Despite that, if Death Stranding sells around 3M by years end, i'm pretty sure the game will end selling around 5-6M lifetime on PS4, at least (i expect it to have more frontloaded sales than those other games like MGS games). I don't think the PC will add that much, probably a few 100k's and if the game launches on PS5 with a revision it will probably add around 1-2M more, so in the end, Death Stranding would be considered a success commercially (because i don't think this game was that expensive to make as some people think). I really think word of mouth is going to be great with this game too so the game will keep selling when the game drops to 20-30$ range. Winning a lot GOTY's this year is going to help too. Who knows, if word of mouth is better than anticipated maybe the game ends selling even more. It totally deserves it....

Last edited by colafitte - on 25 November 2019