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DonFerrari said:
twintail said:

I know it wont happen but if they had an alternate Switch like experience... I might consider that. But no way I would get both devices.

It is possible but unlikely that they would offer a portable PS5. But sure having access to all PS5 games (porting would need to be something like automatic, once you make the game to PS5 it is almost no work to make it work on the portable, if not we know it won't have much games) on portable would get some customers.

Yea, a portable PS5 is simply not in the cards (and a lower end device could hold back future PS5 games), but a portable PS4 could become possible on the 5nm node and with highly improved battery tech. PS4 games would run without any fideling and PS5 games could be streamed via remote play or ps now.