38. Ratchet and Clank

First Played: 2002

Times Completed: 10+

I was a big fan of Insomniac Games on the PS1, having played Disruptor and the first three Spyro games, so I was eagerly awaiting what they'd do with the PS2. When I first saw the trailer, I thought it looked like a decent Jak and Daxter rip off but when the name of the developer appeared I was shocked. So shocked that I took to the internet and wrote Insomniac an impassioned email, asking them why they left Spyro to die with a new studio and turned their attention to copying Jak and Daxter. I wish I still had the reply, but I lost my SaviourofAvalar email address over a decade ago (yep, I was a big fan). However, the reply set my mind at ease, they explained that Spyro was out of their hands due to publishers, but they were confident that the new game was worth moving on for, they also reminded me that Spyro also began as an imitation of Mario 64, but evolved into it's own thing, the same would be true of Ratchet. 

So I gave them the benefit of the doubt, since they were 4/4 for good games so far and boy were they right. As soon as I began playing R&C in late 2002, I knew this was pure Insomniac gold. The mix of platforming and 3rd person shooting with inventive weapons is unique, creative and fun. I enjoy the humour and the visual design is appealing and detailed, with loads of animations for Ratchet depending on what weapon or tool he is using. There is also a New Game+ that offers upgrades to new weapons and there are many secrets to discover, including the return of Insomniac’s precursor to Trophies, Skill Points. My only real gripe is that after 9 replays, a bug wipes all progress and starts over fresh. Yes, I’ve played it many more than 10 times over the years and still enjoy it.

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