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After a recent FTC settlement with YouTube, content targeting children, specifically or even incidentally, will no longer be allowed to display custom advertising, appear at recommended lists, have comments etc. basically depriving content creators of 80% - 90% of their income and even potentially risking fines if they don't properly flag their content as kid-oriented.

Now, you might think this is fine since you don't believe your favorite channels make kid-oriented content but do remember that we're talking about the subjective opinion of some 40 or 50 year old FTC enforcer and YouTube's always horrible algorithm and lack of transparency. A lot of channels will be deservingly target such as toy review channels, but others are pretty much screwed despite targeting older audiences on the basis their content has also been deemed appealing to children, including:

- Lego channels

- Figurine and doll channels

- Animation channels

- Channels doing certain types of gaming content

The latter being particularly troublesome because no one quite is quite sure where the line will be drawn. But chances are that channels playing games targeted for children, even if their audiences skew older than 13 these days due to nostalgy... like Pokémon, Minecraft or Mario... are in dire straits. Take for instance certain Nintendo channels like Arlo, Blue Television Games, Gamexplain... hard to argue you aren't appealing to children when your avatar is literally a muppet or your let's plays are restricted to Pokémon or family-friendly Mario content.

This might even reflect in sales and mindshare in the future since YouTube will drown in PG-13 content without all the "brighly colored" and "fun" games (as the COPPA regulation calls them) and no too mature content either since excessive violence and swearing can't be monetized as well (even though you aren't at risk of being bankrupted with fines in this case).

So, what do you folks think?