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Many games have appeared in 2019. I would like to know Which new Game from 2019 has the best Characters for you?

For me it's Death Stranding. The characters are all interesting, their story very exciting. They grown to my heart - and makes me emotional. The staging of the characters is strong. My favorite character is Sam, but Cliff and one Women is impressive too. overall, i like all : D Legend of Heroes 3 has good characters too, but not a chance for the first place for me.

And for you ? :) I'm curious and wish you a great weekend! PS: Remasters / Ports / Remake's are not included in this poll.

Last edited by KazumaKiryu - on 22 November 2019

"The Last of Us 2" is officially Game of the Year 2020, worldwide. Ghost of Tsushima-Artwork: