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SvennoJ said:
Mr Puggsly said:

Well you've a good job make this topic about yourself.

But here's the rub. Stadia was marketed for having vastly superior specs than consoles, X1X included. In theory those specs create the expectation of maybe 4K and 60 fps.

This is actually good news for MS and Sony. Their streaming services werent making big visual promises like Stadia. Therefore the disparity isnt going to be as big as expected.

Personally the resolution doesent bug me, but the 30 fps cap is bullshit. It was marketed for its power, its not demonstrating what was advertised.

Early days, early games and you conveniently ignore this

Destiny 2 is perfectly playable on Stadia and delivers the 60fps experience that Xbox One X cannot

60 fps for a streaming service is pretty good, that with lower latency than a lot of 30 fps games on console. (Yeah latency is still 44ms higher for this game compared to the console version, not bad but still noticeable)

I'm sure the CPU for Stadia is better than consoles. But were they not forward thinking in CPU power or is RDR2 poorly optimized?

I mean its kinda odd its already struggling on specs.

I think it would help clear up some confusion if we get more FPS information in other games.

Regardless, its disappointing on GPU as well.

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