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numberwang said:

PS5 550$

2TB HDD 100$ for those >100GB games

4 years PSN 240$


900$ just to get you in the door

You could buy more than 15 Stadia games for that. This may not appeal to core gamers but the more casual crowd will definitely take a look at it.

Buy 10 games at half price compared to Stadia: 10*30= $300. And that's a low bar, I got over 20 on the Wii U. But I digress.

Having actually recent and good games to choose: priceless

Also, if you include 4 year PSN and the HDD, let's include $100 a month for Stadia for a good enough connection (both in terms of ping and bandwith) to get 4k streaming, and this without any data caps. No need for such a big connection on a PS4 so you can go with half that. So even if we deduce PSN that still leaves Stadia at a surplus cost of $40 a month. With that alone you'll have to pay the amount a new console cost in about a year or so.

Oh, and btw, for $100, you can get a 4TB HDD these days, a 2TB is just $60. You can actually get a 500GB SSD for $100 now, so no need to buy an HDD unless you really want to have tons of games installed

Last edited by Bofferbrauer2 - on 19 November 2019