Flilix said:
Shiken said:

The response from Pokemon fans on the internet have been largely negative.  However most of the Pokemon fanbase does not really participate in these forums, so there is no telling what the vast majority thinks.  Judging by sales of the game, it cannot be that bad.  And from the outside looking in, I have arguably seen just as many Pokemon fans on the net liking the game as those that hate it.

Full disclosure, I am looking at this from the outside looking in.  I am a gen 1 Pokemon player that stopped after yellow.  This is my first game to return to, and I am having a blast.  Most of the complaints regarding the national dex and the cuts mean NOTHING to me.  With that in mind, what I see is a good game that deserves the 8/10.

I am not defending the game, I almost did not buy it as I have said before (glad I did).  That is not even what this thread is about.  But what I am noticing is that fans who are upset about the success of the games for whatever reason somehow feel the need to hijack any discussion that mentions Pokemon just to complain about it.

Now Fililix, I am not refering to you when I say this as I know you to be level headed.  But when someone says that most of the Pokemon fanbase is upset about the game, they seem to using tunnel vision due to their own disappointment.  From the outside looking in, there are just as many who are fine with it as those that hate it and they are just attacking eachother.

The game has flaws, and I blame no one for not buying it for their own reasons.  But it is also a good game, and if it is still a mega hit for being a good game no one has the right to hate on those who bought it.  The vast majority obviously did not have a problem with it.  People who enjoy the game deserve no less respect than those who gave it a pass.

I don't know if this is true, and it's hard to really tell, since of course 'the Pokémon fanbase' is a very vague and hard to define group of people. It's just an observation that I made when I visited the Pokébeach forums yesterday. The discussion over there is a lot calmer over there than it is here - because no one over there seems to be desperate to defend the game against the others. Most people are critisising the game, and the few people who aren't, are just talking about the game without the phony praising and without attacking people who don't like it. Here on VGChartz on the other hand, there's an overwhelming amount of unnecessary provocative comments ("And the haters can't stand that it is a good game.").

Unless I'm at the wrong part, it seems like that's a very sparsely populated forum.  Most topics haven't been touched in weeks, and there hasn't been a post in nearly 24 hours.  Not sure how much you could say about the fanbase based on that.