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Pemalite said:

Nope. And you most certainly aren't.

Then prove it , while i already prove many times

Again, patents are patents.
Companies like to patent *everything* for several reasons...
1) Protects them from Patent Trolls.
2) Can be used to leverage cross-patent agreements.
3) Protect's potential future I.P if it does end up in a product.

Patent is still patent it could be use or not is up to SONY , the fact Sony has it's already prove my point  . End of this discussion 

Just as easy with a PCI-E/nvme bus. Sony has fantastic engineers and can make an upgrade-able nvme drive easily enough. 

Which is why they make this cartridge to make it accessible for casual gamer to expand their storage 

Current SSD's have this. It's nothing special.It's what the controller is.

Then please explain why they can have 10 to 20 GB/Second read and write speed faster then "the  NVme  on market" 

Games aren't really built to the specifics of an individual drive, Star Citizen for instance is designed to be optimal on SSD's and the game experience will show, but that doesn't mean it's impossible to operate the game on a mechanical disk.

Digital Foundry did an analysis on it, you should check it out so you have more of an understanding of the implications SSD's in general bring to gaming.

You can run on normal mechanical HDD  but the games is unplayable,  keep crashing in some PC and constant long loading time especially it open world and extreme large data stream and sharing on real time. And remember Star Citizen is just the beginning many game publisher will use SSD as standard , Photo geometry technics also require big data and assets  and SSD's are required for that. 

Consoles will standardize it and games on PC will have SSDs as minimum requirement like it or not lower spec PC gamer will have to upgrade it.