44. SaGa Frontier

First Played (2011)

Times Completed: 1

This game is huge, maybe to a fault as it doesn’t seem very popular. But when I made a US account on my PS3 to play those PS1 games that never made it to the UK, this was a huge surprise. I already enjoyed the sequel and even the much maligned Unlimited Saga on PS2, but this game is the height of the Saga series for me. The game is enormous with 7 different characters, each with their own story, though there is some repetition as stories cross over. The ambition and open ended nature of the game really appeals to me and I never wanted this game to end. Like with most SaGa games, I enjoy the level up system, or the replacement of one, it's basically an adaptation of the system used in FF2 (which I also enjoyed). Just like most Square games, the music is great and I always have a soft spot for pre-rendered graphics from this generation so the game looks wonderful to me.