Chrkeller said:
The game isn't perfect but no where as bad as some are making it out. It is a good game and I expect any follow ups will be even better. Clearly GF struggled a bit with the HD transition.

I sort of agree with this sentiment but the more I think back on past Pokemon generations, the more I start to notice patterns. The most apt for Sword and Shield is X and Y, which were the first installments on the 3DS. I distinctly remember the first third to half of the game lacking any reall character or substance, with many of the environments and character models lacking any real sort of style and just feeling generic. Anyone remember the 2D images of trainers in NPC battles?

Sword and Shield exhibits some similar traits, but they more seem to be related to optimisation and techical process instead of design. These sort of issues had been cleared up by the time of Sun and Moon so maybe it's just a case of experience.