Xxain said:

There is too much information out for the problems with Sword and Sheild to anything but technical incompetence. The root of this technical incompetence is more than likely that GameFreak underestimated the work to reach the games full scope and continue to maintain a team that is too small for future Pokemon development (They were asked about the size of the development team twice and they gave a bunch of side answers). In order to believe your answer, we have to pretend that these obvious clues dont exist.

And that Yokai watch 4 and Digimon Cyber Slueth dont either.

There's is 1400 Digimon in total and Cyber Sleuth has 240.

There's 700 Yokais from Yokai Watch, yet the latest at one launched with 100.

So if you are comparing it to those games, Pokemon did better in one of your chief complaints.

Lonely_Dolphin said:
Your logic (a.k.a. excuse making and blame shifting) might of made a bit of sense if they priced the game at $40. However it's $60, and thus fair game to be compared to the many other $60 experiences on the system who meet such basic standards.

There is no excuse making or blame shifting.  Just a realistic observation based on something I noticed earlier today while playing.

And as far as the price goes, it is up to the consumer to decide what is worth 60 bucks.  Some argue Splatoon 2 could have been an expansion, and was not worth 60 bucks for example.

As far as Pokemon goes I, and most people I know, are having as much fun as any other 60 dollar game.  To us, it is worth it.  To you, maybe not and that is ok.  Just don't look down on people who do enjoy what the game has to offer.

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