46. God of War (2018) (PS4)

First Played: 2019

Times Completed: 1

Wow this game is good, I've always enjoyed God of War games but they'd never be anywhere near my top 50. But this isn't exactly the same as earlier games, this time reinvention is a good thing. Once again this is a beautiful game, maybe the best looking game I've ever played, and each realm you visit is simply incredible in design, my favourite probably being Alfheim. The story is more of a focus this time and the way it is told and the characters (especially the relationship between Kratos and his son) are handled really well and not nearly as annoying as I first expected. The gameplay is a mix of combat, which is pretty deep and satisfying, and puzzles. That sounds similar to earlier God of War games, but it's much better here.

This has revitalised my interest in God of War and I'm definitely looking forward to the next game. 

Last edited by Landale_Star - on 17 November 2019