BraLoD said:

Well, they implemented ZA WARUDO! power to ladders and made Steelix spin like a helicopter propeller.

If that is not good game development I don't know what is.

I know what isn't good game development, all them other Nintendo devs. They could learn a thing or two from Game Freak, like why bother delaying your game or pledging free updates when you could just half-ass it out in time for holidays and rake in your deserved money.

Otter said:
I've always been concerned with quality over quantity. It's why I never uttered a word about pokemon missing. I was too focused on how poor the production quality of everything was to care. I'd take a pokemon game with 150 pokemon bought beautifully to life than the trash we're seeing. Gamefreak is obviously not the developer to bring them to life in anycase but thanks to the backlash they will probably prioritise quantity for the rest of the series.

Nope, they said they'll never have all Pokemon in one game again. They only listen to money so the backlash will have no effect.