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Leynos said:
I didn't think Yakuza HD on Wii U could be topped in things that will never happen but sure. Yakuza is a huge reason why I love the PS4. You XBO owners better support these games. They are true story telling brilliance. Yakuza 0 has one of the best ever in gaming history. Yakuza 0 is one damn amazing game. Enjoy!

Hate to say it, but not one of those Yakuza games interest me the slightest so weather it crossed over or not would have not fazed me. Than again they are also on Steam which I still didn't buy. But glad for those gamers who really wanted to play them and don't have a PC or PS4 or whatever else those games are available on, so good on them.

crissindahouse said:
I don't get the "this show was only a huge Gamepass add". I mean, you can also get the Games without Gamepass so that it's irrelevant for those not interested in Gamepass but Gamepass will help theses games to have more people trying it out which is important for future releases.

It's a win for everyone. No idea how people can spin that in something negative

Because, Fanboys.