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I recently finished up everything I want to do in Mario Maker 2.  I've played the latest Destiny expansion to death. Death Stranding will probably get a shot, but I'm waiting for my friend to finish up with it so I can borrow it.  So, considering that I've been a Gamepass subscriber for a couple of months, I figure it's time for me to really make use of the service and try out a new, big game.  

I've never played a Gears game before. I'm more of a first-person shooter guy. But, since this one's had great reviews, and it's available for me without any additional out-of-pocket expense, I want to give it a try.  I've owned every Xbox system, so I sometimes feel like I'm missing out, having not played one of their biggest franchises.

Outer Worlds wasn't even on my radar until it made a little news for somewhat unexpectedly landing on Gamepass. I've heard good things, and it is in a genre that I generally like.  It's also about time for me to get into an action RPG.  I have an infant son at home that's been eating up my time though, so I haven't been in a position to sink dozens or hundreds of hours into one. My understanding is that Outer Worlds is a more manageable length. That appeals to me right now.

I took a nice nap this afternoon. I have a full tank of gas and should be able to stay up late. That gives me some good gaming time.  So, which game should I play?