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d21lewis said:
curl-6 said:

I actually found the PS3 to be a step up from PS2.

The latter never really interested me much, and while PS3 had some notable problems (too expensive, outdated controller, mostly inferior multiplats) it at least distinguished itself with several games I really enjoyed like Uncharted and Resistance. 

Hey, aside from the Saturn, I own or owned every console in the OP, the console that came before it and (aside from XBO) the console that came after. I love them all--even the Wii U. The newer hardware is almost always a step up with more power, new features, a library of must play games, etc. The ones in the OP either lost money, sales, dominance, or whatever. Many of them could even be considered successful.

In the first Rocky movie, Rocky actually lost to Apollo Creed. But since nobody ever took Rocky seriously, it was still seen as a win for Rocky and a loss for Apollo.

Oh I'm not denying the PS3 was a terrible successor in terms of the colossal amounts of money and marketshare it lost.

I just personally liked the PS3 more than the PS2.

Bet with Liquidlaser: I say PS5 and Xbox Series will sell more than 56 million combined by the end of 2023.