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HollyGamer said:

"CURRENT MARKET " Sony said is faster then the current market SSD, which is true after all and i am always right 

Nope. And you most certainly aren't.

HollyGamer said:

The problem is no one is talking is a second coming of SSD tech, i also need to remind you that Sony has their own memory tech patent which is  Re -Dram it is better then stack memory tech the current SSD's has, although it's still more expenses then normal DRAM  . 

Again, patents are patents.
Companies like to patent *everything* for several reasons...
1) Protects them from Patent Trolls.
2) Can be used to leverage cross-patent agreements.
3) Protect's potential future I.P if it does end up in a product.

It doesn't mean we are ever going to see said patent concept applied to a consumer level product, you would be surprised how many don't!

HollyGamer said:

Not all proprietary will be expensives, nor proprietary means you all need to pay for. Also my suggestion it's for expandable storage  that connected directly through some proprietary fast connector instead directly open to the PCi- bus on PC/ PS5 Motherboard. PS4 are easier because they are using SATA , a faster SSDs for PS5 required a NVme that directly connected to the Mobo. That will be difficult to non PC especially casual. That's why they came with this solution. 

Just as easy with a PCI-E/nvme bus. Sony has fantastic engineers and can make an upgrade-able nvme drive easily enough.

HollyGamer said:

When you see other patent from Sony , they have some modification to make it even more faster and have it's own CPU to have faster reading.

Current SSD's have this. It's nothing special.
It's what the controller is.

HollyGamer said:

This proprietary  will help standardize the speed of SSD for PS5 because all games will be build based on SSD's ( unlike last gen where HDD is none factor). Game developer need to have one quality standard so every games will run the sames quality . Also Sony are likely to remove difficulty for PS gamer who are not found by opening PS to upgrade their Hard disc. Nvme or PC-i SSDs will be even harder to upgrade because they need direct connector to M.2 slot which is why they are making a solution for it. 

Games aren't really built to the specifics of an individual drive, StarCitizen for instance is designed to be optimal on SSD's and the game experience will show, but that doesn't mean it's impossible to operate the game on a mechanical disk.

Digital Foundry did an analysis on it, you should check it out so you have more of an understanding of the implications SSD's in general bring to gaming.

Leynos said:
I'm not saying Sony will no doubt make it more expensive. Just that given their history. I wouldn't put it past them.

They are a business, making cash on accessories has always been a good way to make some extra profits on a console.

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