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SammyGiireal said:
d21lewis said:

Hey, don't blame me. Blame Nintendo for making a console that went from being the market leader to selling 1/3 of their nearest competitor, having so many software droughts, alienating 3rd parties, and having the worst version of most multiplatfmult games. I appreciate that they brought a lot to the table. A laundry list of ideas, innovations and improvements. Some of the best games ever created that still hold up (aside from the graphics). They just dropped the ball in a lot of key areas that cost them to this day.

The N64 is the only console that can both rank high in best consoles of all time and also get some mention in worst consoles lists because of its sales (and baffling cartridge choice of media which is what led to the low sales and all of its troubles in first place). The N64 was the power House of its time and delivered games that weren't possible on the competition based on pure processing power and Nintendo's game design genius. That said the GC sold far worse and to me was a worse console.

It's because the N64 was home to monumental games as well as the most monumental F-up in video game history.

It's kind of like the SMD, a relatively average console when you examine everyone's place in history. At worst it's the best of the worst, and at best it's the worst of the best.

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