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Xbox 360.

To me, it's the best console ever. Aside from having the best versions of most multi platform games, aside from blowing me away with hd graphics that finally made he buy a shitty hd TV from Walmart. Aside from the amazing controller--it constantly felt like the future.

Prior to the 360, I didn't even have the internet in my home. I just got it to take advantage of the Xbox's features. Boy, my whole world opened up! Online gaming, downloading games and demos, watching trailers, themes and profile pics, Netflix, ripping CDs, sending messages, planning my day so I could play 1 vs 100 with the rest of the world, Achievements, etc. Even full game installs, HDD support, updating the entire interface, and more. Coming off of the PS2 and GameCube it was a magical time.

Twitter: @d21lewis