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HollyGamer said:
Bofferbrauer2 said:

Why? Well to have a proprietary device which only Sony sells instead of using off-the-shelf SSD - at premium prices, of course.

??? Did blu Ray expensives , Did DVD expensives . Not all the things made by Sony are expensive . Also why would they one to fuck their product . Also their newest statement said they want all PS4 player to move to PS5 as fast as possible, which is lead an affordable console's on mind. 

They are not stupid, unless you have a weird opinion with Sony or Playstation as brand. 

Blu Ray is not a Sony thing only. Panasonic, Pioneer, Phillips, and others were partners in developing it. Sony did not make DVD alone. Panasonic, Samsung, Toshiba. Phillips were all again partners. As a reminder, Panasonic also provided discs and drives to Nintendo systems. Sony has a history of its own proprietary storage that is more expensive or just not widely used. Beta Tapes. MiniDiscs. Memory Sticks and as for why Sony could screw over their own product? See UMDs and Vita Memory cards. The latter still costs several times more than a standard Micro SD card. $90 gets me a 400GB Micro SD Card. $80 bucks get me a 64GB Vita memory card. PS3 early on was very expensive partly because of the Blu Ray drive. At $600 it was the cheapest on the market. That is not cheap. PS2 with DVD cost $100 more than Dreamcast or Gamecube because of it.

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