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Bofferbrauer2 said:
HollyGamer said:

You will not find any Nvme like this on the market 

EDIT: why would Sony bothered making a patent for it or even customize it, if it's not to cut the cost , making it more  accessible or make it even faster

If sony using normal Nvme for PS5  they will not make any patent, or making any statement.  

Why? Well to have a proprietary device which only Sony sells instead of using off-the-shelf SSD - at premium prices, of course.

??? Did blu Ray expensives , Did DVD expensives . Not all the things made by Sony are expensive . Also why would they one to fuck their product . Also their newest statement said they want all PS4 player to move to PS5 as fast as possible, which is lead an affordable console's on mind. 

They are not stupid, unless you have a weird opinion with Sony or Playstation as brand.