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So is Rare back at it, with doing what Nintendo does and improving on the basis?

Rare has had a rich history and is one of the only companies that could pull off Nintendo titles into there own and succeed them.

Rare did it with Mario 64 and went on to make Banjo Kazooie what many considered the better game and they also went on to make Diddy Kong Racing after Mario Kart 64 which many will agree was a better game. One of Rare's greatest achievements was Donkey Kong Country taking over the 2D Platformer which was held by Mario Bros.

And Now could there latest title challenge again?

Zelda BOTW > Everwild

Could Everwild be a BOTW? I highly doubt any game can achieve more than what BOTW did however looking at both trailers, it seems Rare has taken alot of influence from Zelda's latest game and might make one of there very own.

They approach similar art-styles

The land looks and feels similar (Open Air World?)

And to top it off, they both have Wild in there names. (This one seems like a small hint)

Here is hoping Everwild is the sort of game we expect and with what I saw.. I saw a BOTW game in the making.. maybe. The clues and hints are all there but we just don't know enough yet. 

This is the type of Rare I miss, seeing them back to do what they use to do best. Hype is big on this one for me and I love what i have seen so far. I am also a huge Zelda fan and loved BOTW which is what I consider the best Zelda game ever made. Yes Rare has a different team leading today however if anyone can do a Nintendo its Rare.

Lets see if they have got what it takes, lets see what happens.