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Chrizum said:

WiiU is the worst console I ever owned by far, and I loved the Wii. It's unbelievable how many things Nintendo did wrong with that horrible excuse of a console. In fact, they didn't do even one single thing right!

The system didn't make any sense with it's low specs but high price, first party content was lackluster, third party content was non-existent, the tablet controller was of extremely low quality and only worked in the same or adjacent room, no killer app to prove the console's worth like Wii Sports proved Wii was awesome. Virtual Console was practically wiped away. Everything went down the shitter, and to this day I wonder how Nintendo could fuck something up so bad.

I agree with everything but the "1st party being lackluster."  Mario 3D World, DK:TF, WWHD, TP:HD, Pikmin 3, Mario Kart 8, Smash, Splatoon and a few others were really good.  Some just flat out great.  Everything else about the Wii U sucked.  


I enjoyed Color Splash as well.  Captain Toad was fun.  Bayo 2 was just amazing.  Though I suppose that was second party.