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Love to see people playing the game having the same experience as me. Really a wonderful and unique experience this game has been. Showing the game (chapter 3) to a friend that barely knew anything about the game, and discovering how the game worked, its survival and transversal mechanics, how the social strand system worked, the appearing of the BT's, ....He was so impressed that he bought the game inmediately for himself. It was fascinating to see the reaction.

I think i spent more than 20h in the central region of the game. That addicting loop of...."i just do this and i'm done for today...(10 mins later). Damn, i want to do that too to finally get that.....(1h later)....damn time flies, but now, really this time, just this and i'm done................(2h later) DAMN IT!!!".

I had to force myself to continue the game, move on and go west because i'm really interested in the story too. But yeah, this game has been a revelation for me. I did not expected the gameplay loop to grab me as much as it did. The amount of content you unlock as you progress the game is huge. Even after 20 or 30h you can still discover new gameplay mechanics that make the game interesting. You enjoy the first time you discover a new region, that journey, with all the hazards on the way, and then you enjoy the game for very different reasons once you bring "civilization" to that region and start building, connecting everything....too. It's amazing the sense of accomplishment this game gives to you.

This game is the very definition of Game of the Year. A game that truly innovates, brings something new to the table, makes people talk and think about it for days and weeks, and it's super polished in everything. And i don't know if i would classify this game as "fun", after so many hours played, but it's definitively engaging and i want to play for hours every day until i finish the game. That's the point of a "video-game".

Right now, the game is alrady a top 5 PS4 game for me. We'll see where it ends when i finish it....