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Darwinianevolution said:
RingoGaSuki said:

It's not an upgrade at all, even graphically.

Sun and Moon looked better than this. ORAS looked better than this. Every DS/GBA instalment looked better than this. The Let's Go games looked better than this.

Scaling is fucked too, look how tiny Snorlax and Wailord are.

Wailord's supposed to be 48'10", the second largest Pokemon there is. It's dwarfed by a 10 year-old.

Dammit, we haven't had a scale correct Wailord since Battle Revolution.

Also, what's with the super dense weather effects? At some points you can't see where you're going, is this just to hide the draw distances?

shikamaru317 said:

Those higher quality animations Gamefreak said we'd be getting thanks to the Dex cut:

I don't care about what camp you are in; this shit should be unexceptable for everybody. I have not seen a turn around animation like that since Star Ocean 3. C class developers like Compile Heart, who make their games on 10% of the budget on Pokemon, have moved on from 6th gen animations like that!

What if Breath of the Wild looked liked that fuckin gif

The next Final Fantasy looked like that gif

It would be a global mauling 

Why the does this game have pop in? supposedly its very empty?

Reviewers have failed the buyers, but gamers wont, and I pray GameFreak is watching.