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SammyGiireal said:
bigtakilla said:

You want to talk about rose colored glasses, then talk about games like Conker, 007, and Perfect Dark? Game ratings are fine, but which series do you think is going to last longer, 007 or Splatoon, Conkers or Xenoblade, Banjo or Bayonetta? Two of these aren't even on the "top 10" list, but does anyone who didn't live through the N64 era even know what a Conker, Banjo, or 007 is? I doubt it.

Your argument is weird. Plenty of kids these days dont know what Bayonneta and Xenoblade are. Every kid in the 90s knew what golden eye 007 was. Depending on whether Nintendo keeps publishing those gsmes, 10 years from those two titles might be even greater unknowns. GE, OoT, SM64 were historic games...what historic game does the Wii U have ? BotW. Heck the Switch has done a pretty good job in making people forget about the Wii U. The fact that people are still talking about the N64 (it is winning the poll big time) 23 years after it launched shows you that it was the greater console. In 2035 no one will talk about the Wii U. People will Still talk about the N64 and yet GE and OOT and SM64.

But those series are gonna live on, something that cannot be said of 007, Conkers, or  Banjo. They're dead series. As for people talking about the Wii U, sure they will, in a lot of nostalgic passion as people today talk about the N64. When people talk about what the start of the Splatoon series was, or when people talk about the Xenoblade series or Bayo series, and hell maybe even Tokyo Mirage Sessions (it very well could become a series if Nintendo wanted it to). 

So what's up with the poll up top, rose tinted goggles likely. I was alive through both eras and by far Wii U was better. Besides you aren't really basing the polling of a handful of people proof of anything are you?