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I don't care too much about the DEX cuts, but if your excuse for cutting is to polish the rest of the game then you better polish the rest of the game. I was positive up until the last leak. The wild area is way too small, the game is way too short, there is very little end-game content, no GTS, the same bs hand-holding from Sun and Moon, mandatory exp-share, the world is linear, you get healed every few battles (no need for potions), graphics are inconsistent, Pokemon aren't scaled properly, animations are atrocious ports of the 3DS generations - look up the legendary cut-scene where one of the Pokemon spins like a clock to turn around. And the game is $60 instead of $40 (or $30) as previous titles were.

This is the first mainline Pokemon game I'll be buying used when the price is $30 or lower (or not at all if they release an improved third version.) Gamefreak obviously is not interested in Pokemon anymore and should just hand it off to Nintendo who has the resources to make something decent.