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Doctor_MG said:

The Wii U had some good games, but I think people really over value it with rose-colored glasses. Between 2012 and 2017 the top games (rating wise) for the Wii U are:
-Breath of the Wild
-Super Mario 3D World
-Super Smash Bros Wii U
-Rayman Legends
-Bayonetta 2
-Windwaker HD
-Skylanders Swap Force
-Axiom Verge
-Deus Ex: Human Revolution

For the N64 the top rated games were:
-Ocarina of Time
-Perfect Dark
-007: Goldeneye
-Majoras Mask
-Super Mario 64
-Paper Mario
-Banjo Kazooie
-Wave Race 64
-Conkers Bad Fur Day
-Mario Tennis

I mean, just by comparing those lists I see a lot more Nintendo mainstay quality titles, and games that are still being mentioned even to this day. Meanwhile, two of the Wii U top games are indies (nothing wrong with indies just not big titles), one is a remaster, and one of them is a port of a "last gen" game.

You want to talk about rose colored glasses, then talk about games like Conker, 007, and Perfect Dark? Game ratings are fine, but which series do you think is going to last longer, 007 or Splatoon, Conkers or Xenoblade, Banjo or Bayonetta? Two of these aren't even on the "top 10" list, but does anyone who didn't live through the N64 era even know what a Conker, Banjo, or 007 is? I doubt it, nor will they likely ever care.

Last edited by bigtakilla - on 12 November 2019