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siebensus4 said:
SammyGiireal said:

In 1996-99 The N64 had the best looking games in the console market (until the DC arrived). Its games looked amazing in its time, the Wii U always looked a gen behind.

Completely disagree. The N64 games looked polygonal, blurry and ugly – even back in the 90's (just like PS1, which was basically a SNES with CDs). It was the first 3D generation and they should have stayed with 2D during this time. First when DC/PS2/GameCube arrived, 3D games looked decent.

Your argument that Wii U always looked a gen behind is ridiculous. Which comparable PS4 game looks better than Mario Kart 8? Tropical Freeze is even one of the best looking 2D platformers to date. Of course you can make scripted scenes that look impressive, but which need many GB space (I look at you TLOU), but that's not the way to make fun games with gameplay focus.

I believe that many Wii U games will be fun to watch and play in 20 years, while N64 games aged very very bad. It was just too early for 3D.

In case of legacy for the video game industry, the N64 clearly wins with 3D camera control, analog stick, rumble and 3D game design like in Mario 64 and OOT. The Wii U gamepad wasn't that revolutionary for games Nintendo may has hoped.

Kart games aren't thing pretty much anywhere out side of the Mario Kart series. But Gran Turismo is a racing looks way better than Mario Kart. The Wii U never had a game to compete with Uncharted, HZD, The Witcher 3 etc because it couldn't do it. It belonged in the 360/PS3 era tech wise. Now the N64 games might look out dated to you. I still have fun playing Mario 64, OoT, MM and Star Fox for example. But back in the mid to late 90s it was the eye candy system, I wonder how old you are. Turok 2 was a revelation in scale and graphics when it came out. Golden Eye was probably the most realistic shooter in 97. Ocarina of Time was graphically mind blowing when it came out (thus highest rated game ever). The N64 was the better Console in relation to when it was released, no question about that.