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RingoGaSuki said:
dark_gh0st_b0y said:

It was hard to digest at first, but after watching how Sword/Shield is probably the biggest upgrade on a Pokemon game, I believe the cut is justifiable, or worth it at least.

However, the greatest beauty of Pokemon games is the after game, which will be severly downgraded by the big cut. I just hope there is more in there than just the 400 Gallar Dex.

I believe the chances of getting the rest as DLC are very high. We are live in the add-on era, and for a game that is selling more than 10m, resources and effort is not an excuse. You get our money, hire more and do it. As for the balance issue, they can always cut moves and downgrade overpowered pokemon to keep the balance. Pokemon is about Gotta Catch'em all!!

It's not an upgrade at all, even graphically.

Sun and Moon looked better than this. ORAS looked better than this. Every DS/GBA instalment looked better than this. The Let's Go games looked better than this.

Scaling is fucked too, look how tiny Snorlax and Wailord are. Wailord's supposed to be 48'10", the second largest Pokemon there is. It's dwarfed by a 10 year-old.

Climbing ladders freezes all characters in the overworld. This is more than broken, it's advanced broken.

The scaling I'll guve you but that problem isn't exclusive to Sword and Shield. It was in Sun and Moon as well. 

Graphically it is on par with Lets Go but has a different art style. However the battle areans do look bland, but again that is true of most games. The exception is Let Go.