StriderKiwi said:
Every new leak or intentional release concerning S/S has dampened any hype I had. If you're going to charge $20 more, you need earn that extra dough.

Cut content, atrocious visuals, lying to consumers, that last one in particular irks me. I don't think I'll be supporting this game at launch. It's not like I don't already have other games competing for my time.

Cancelling the launch event in Japan shows they know the game's a misfire.

But I am curious, to everyone who is buying the game, what has justified the extra $20 you'll be spending? What are the new features that's convinced you to pay more, or would you have always spent $60 on each Pokemon title had they launched at that price point?

so i am buying it, even tho i am one of the #bringbacknationaldex people...

reason 1.

i was looking at the leaked pokemon and there are somw designs that i really love! i don't wanna miss these pokemon especially if i maybe won't be able to get them later. (its a weird feeling like saving them from the bad developers and hoping to bring them over to a better game one day...)


i really wanna make myself a picture of the game myself! i wanna be able to tell people if the game is really bad and that i have played it!