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I'm actually kind of Ok now with slashing the dex in half honestly, much to my own surprise. I do think the dex was getting too out of control and Pokemon were starting to feel just like a number rather than unique and special. I especially love the idea of going back to only 4-5 legendaries in the game just like gen 1. Legendaries especially were starting to feel diluted and like nothing special anymore. What i can't support here is the ones GF chose to keep. While some are obviously good choices, on the whole it's a pretty horrible selection, particularly gen 5. Why they would choose to keep so many from gen 5, which was by far the most creatively bankrupt gen for designs, is way beyond me. Especially since it's most of the worst offenders from gen 5. I mean, they even gave something as pointless as Stunfisk a galar form and didn't even bother with an evo that might've at least somewhat justified its existence. On the whole it's just a really bad selection. Almost to the point where I think they purposefully choose lots of less liked ones maybe in order to try to force people to use the new ones as much as possible.