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Well, it looks like Dark Fate is having just that, a dark fate.  It has dropped 63% in its 2nd weekend, an all-time low for the franchise.  The lowest drop in the franchise from previous sequels was 61% from Salvation.  However, the previous film Genisys dropped only 49%.  Below are the DBO totals after their first 10 days.

T3:           $90.8M
Salvation: $86.2M
Genisys:   $59M
T:DF:        $48.5M

The FBO isn't looking good, either.  Its best foreign market, China, is dropping much faster than Genisys did.  By its 2nd weekend, Genisys was at $77M.  While we don't have this weekend's Sunday numbers from China, it looks like T:DF will finish its 2nd weekend $30M+ below Genisys (currently at $40.5M without Sunday.)