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HollyGamer said:


below is samsung spec of read and write 

This is Sony propetry SSD tech that possibly the solution for PS5

Sony has 10 GB read and write, it's fast even when you comparing it to Samsung 970 evo 

3.5GB/s is only the start of what the PC can do.
Have an array and you can easily have 42GB/s of SSD bandwidth.

In saying that, the Samsung 970 Evo isn't the fastest PC SSD anyway, it's only PCI-E 3.0 for starters... So your comparison is blatantly false to start with.

EricHiggin said:

The SSD tech could be great, yet not be anything unique and special, other than the combination in a proprietary cartridge.

SSD's aren't good for cold storage, they have a habit of bit flipping and wiping data.

Nintendo gets around that by avoiding NAND entirely and opting for ROM.

EricHiggin said:

I wouldn't be surprised if SNY assumed the general public is too incompetent to install a typical SSD stick, and so housing it in a cartridge would make sense. Why not just use a typical 2.5" SSD then? Maybe they found that few people bothered upgrading their internal HDD on PS4 due to 'being too complex'. Maybe PS wants to have an option for a clean looking gaming center without requiring an external storage drive.

If by chance the SSD space on PS5 is going to be seen as borderline enough, they may plan on selling a boat load of SSD upgrades or expansions. This wouldn't be any different than in the past where console companies would sell memory expansion packs or larger memory cards themselves. This could be a way to keep the launch price down at a more reasonable level, or it could be a way to make back some of any losses on the console, or make extra on top.

Either way there is zero evidence to support or deny your hypothesis.

EricHiggin said:

Then again, maybe it's a cart for a PS Portable, whatever games it may end up playing.

Possibly. Either way, we need to wait for an official announcement.

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