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Pemalite said:

And? Just because it's propriety doesn't mean squat.
The tech industry is littered with the bones of propriety technologies that failed... Case in point, Sony Memory Stick format.

I do have to ask, what is so propriety about it? Feel free to elaborate, just so I can understand your level of understanding on this specific topic.

It's super mega squat.  Proprietary means it's only available for Sony .  " AVAILABLE FOR SONY " their device or their own benefit (they can sell it or use on other company that pay their design or concept) This is the reason WHY PATENT EXIST. Will it be used at real world??? Probably but that's not the point here, they have the tech to backup my claim. Pend of argument. 

I was responding to your point on a Sony patent which mentioned SRAM in the SSD... As if it was something new and novel and never seen before which is false.
So yes, SRAM is very much the argument.

SRAM in this world is not new but implemented for SSD for cheap price , affordable ready available for use to the mass and costume (build specific number of memories that SONY needs  for playstation requirement)   So they don't need to pay another unnecessary cost. 

What combination and solution to be precise? Fact is we don't know what implementation the Playstation 5 is going to go with... Because the hardware hasn't been revealed in any detailed breakdown. A patent doesn't mean squat.

Have you seen the Playstation 5 in person? Have you seen a tech outlet tear apart a Playstation 5 and shown us the dedicated CPU and cache for the SSD? Or are you just asserting something as factual, without knowing the facts?

And are you sure that PC SSD controllers don't have a dedicated CPU and Cache? Or is that another false assertion?

Just read this , dont be lazy

The PC can and does have SSD implementations that will wipe the floor with the Playstation 5 because power, cost and size is not a factor.

NO IT's NOT, PC are build for every other purpose that making it more expensive while consoles it consist only for gaming . SMH 

And yet. The PC can still beat the Playstation 4 in terms of performance, because it doesn't have cost, power, size limitations.

In saying that, new APU architectures (I.E. Vega) have a plethora of technologies that conserve DRAM bandwidth... Such as Delta Colour Compression, Primitive Discard, Draw Stream Binning Rasterization, Primitive Shaders, Index Cache, Improved Culling and more... Meaning it does more work per unit of bandwidth than the Playstation 4.
Once Renoire drops with DDR4 DRAM speeds of 4266mhz, things will get really interesting.

I never said PS4 can beat a high end GPU. i am saying they solution is smarter by cutting cost to achieve the same result on PC with more efficiency in terms, game development, performance impact , lower TDP, and the graphic  effect and price  . And it did 

You seem hating any progress Sony has or hate when SONy as a hardware company based , also silicon, and tech company making any progress do you?  

It proves absolutely nothing as you don't know if it's going to be in the hardware being released into the market.

Cerny's statements in regards to the SSD doesn't trump the fact that overall, the PC can have faster SSD implementations than a console could ever possibly have as it's not restricted by cost, power or size... There is this little known technology known as "RAID" after-all, which allows multiple drives to work together to bolster reliability and/or performance.

It proves my opinion , regarding the first patent. It proves that they have the solution, regarding it will coming to PS5 or not is not the main problem here. They can and they have the solution.

You were asking " did SONY can have a fast SSD on the market that can beat current SSD on the "GAMING " market Yes they can, by implementing the tech they have. 

You seems have an identical crisis as PC gamer if getting offended by consoles progression. SMH


below is samsung spec of read and write 

This is Sony propetry SSD tech that possibly the solution for PS5

Sony has 10 GB read and write, it's fast even when you comparing it to Samsung 970 evo 

Last edited by HollyGamer - on 10 November 2019