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Pemalite said:
 What makes you think you need to?

My points is this the prove that they has their own proprietary solution that is not available on current PC market

Never stated that Sony was/wasn't using Nvme, making this argument entirely redundant.

Just that SRAM isn't some new or novel technology never seen before that is being portrayed here... Having SRAM and not DRAM does come with allot of caveats, optimally you want both as SRAM is good at write once/read many due to it's smaller buffer size.

There are PC SSD's that feature SRAM built at the controller level with a large pool of DRAM, that is the optimal performance layout.

Either way... A patent filing is not a guarantee for the implementation of certain technologies in a console, never has been, so take it with a grain of salt until we actually get a real reveal of the hardware with appropriate breakdowns.

Having SRAM or not is not the argument we are talking  here (Is like arguing arguing back and forth weather  AMD CU is the same with Nvidia CUDA Core)  .

The point is none of "current Nvme on the market " has all this type of combination and solution, and also it has a dedicated cpu and dedicated cache. All of it or most of it  just DRAM without Sram and without dedicated CPU . If you have the same tech that similar show  to me  (you will not find any ) because this patent is only made for Sony by Sony.   Yes SRAM is available on the market and yes they probably has small cpu , but it's not inside normal NVMe that you can buy in store for gaming RIG  , hell even PS4 costume APU using GDDR5 is not available on the normal AMD APU.

A patent filing is not guaranteed will pass in to the market, but this a prove to back up my opinion based on the current info we have so far regarding Cerny statement on how they can achieve a "fast SSD " on affordable price consoles.