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Wii U.

Now I appreciate the timeless classics that the N64 produced and the innovations it brought to the industry but I was really unhappy with my N64 during its lifespan most of the time. Certain genres I loved got little or no representation. The controller made games like Killer Instinct Gold an absolute chore to play. The lack of a good storage format meant games lacked content and looked like blurry messes. And certain games cost $80 or more.

I love Nintendo. Up until the N64, I loved them exclusively. My N64 gathered so much dust that I eventually bought a PS1. With most consoles, even bad consoles, there's usually so many good/great games that you can never hope you play them all. With the N64, there was just nothing to play and I was forced to buy games I had no desire to play.

Even the Wii U kept me happy throughout its short life. I STILL play it from time to time and it earned a place beside my Xbox One and PS4. The N64? I don't remember it fondly aside from a handful of greatness (Conker, Zelda, Mario 64, Star Fox, Mario Kart, Wave Race, DK64--and THAT'S IT.). When it was great, it was great. But when it was low...

Day one N64 owner, btw.

Twitter: @d21lewis