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I'll have to go with the Wii U. I love my N64 and a lot of its games, from the classics like Mario, the Zeldas, Kirby 64 to the more obscure gems like Mischief Makers and Sin & Punishment, a system I'll always cherish from my childhood and that I still play to this day, but the Wii U has more of my favorite games.

The best Pikmin, the best Donkey Kong, best Mario Kart, my favorite 3D Mario before Oddysey came, my favorite Xenoblade, a Yoshi game that could finally stand up to Island as one of the greats, Kirby and the Rainbow Curse with its magnificent soundtrack, Hyrule Warriors was something that I never thought I would want but it was great, Treasure Tracker, Splatoon, New Mario U is the best of the 4 New games too, plus Mario Maker, enjoyed Star Fox Zero a lot despite its issues, Smash Bros. 4 had some of the best newcomers in the series (excluding Chocobo boy), also had its fair share of indie games that I really loved, Shovel Knight, Pirate's Curse and Freedom Planet being the highlights for me.

And is also home to 2 of the best action games of all time, The Wonderful 101 and Bayonetta 2, both up there with Devil May Cry 3.

I could do without Tokyo Mirage Sessions existence, but that can be remembered as a Switch game now.