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John2290 said:
RaptorChrist said:
I think DS invaded my PS4 and somehow changed my profile icon to that of a death stranding icon. Does this happen to everyone who plays the game?

It haopened to me too but only because I clicked on it when downloading the main game, there is a new auto update feature. 

Oh, okay, so it was the additional files that I clicked on after buying and downloading the game, then. Makes sense; I was in the locker room and noticed when inspecting BB that there was a figuring dangling, and it was the same as my icon. For a small second I was like, "Wait a minute! Did Kojima make 3D models of all the PSN profile pictures so that every player can see a dangling figurine of their pic?" Wouldn't put it past him; so many unusual (in a good way) things about his games.

I'm still not very far given my amount of playtime, but so far I just finished Mission 4.

Very impressed so far and super immersed in this game. I'm even playing with headphones, which is something I never do.