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BradleyJ said:
Yes, Dark Fate will almost certainly be the lowest grossing of the Terminator movies, but it has almost nothing to do with your anti-(whatever you're angry about this time) stance. Try to think a little more objectively about it.

The three movies before this ranged from not very good to terrible. At this point, it has been nearly 30 years since there has been a good Terminator movie. It holds no cache with younger audience and there is only so many times that older fans will get burned before tuning out. Even when the movie is better than it's predecessors, as this one was. Given the franchise history, this movie had to be more than better than the previous movies to get people to come out again. It had to be great. And, frankly, it was just fine. Not great, not terrible. Worth seeing, but maybe not in theaters.

Who's angry?  At this point, I think it's freaking hilarious to watch these films either flop or greatly underperform.  It's cyclical, really.  Director and crew inserts woke message into the film, many times a franchise that has already proven itself, and advertises as such a big deal.  Fans react badly to said message.  Director and/or crew calls those fans misogynist trolls or a similar statement.  Movie performs poorly, either as a whole or against expectations.  Those who agreed with the woke message come up with poor reasons why that woke message and the attacks on the fans had nothing to with the poor performance.  Rinse and repeat.

COKTOE said:
thismeintiel said:

I agree.  Are you happy that the film passed the Bechdel Test?

I was planning on killing myself if it hadn't passed the Bechdel Test.

I'm glad it did, then. Don't want to lose you, man.