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d21lewis said:
Unfortunately. I actually hear it's a pretty good film. Salvation was so terrible in my opinion that I was done with the franchise. From what I hear, Genisys was pretty bad, too. Too many bad movies in a franchise will kill the audience. Hate seeing such a great series falter so badly.

For Salvation, I thought it was just ok.  Two things that killed it were 1) scenes obviously only meant for the trailer that felt out of place in the film (the most notable example is John Connor talking to the Terminator hybrid calmly while he's in the water escaping, only to yell out of nowhere "What are you?!" when the convo is over) and 2) killing a freaking Terminator that could incredibly aid them in the fight just to save a human.

I thought Genisys had some interesting ideas with the alternate timeline, and I like the T-1000, who really was like a Asian Robert Patrick.  He was much better than the guy in Dark Fate, who doesn't look intimidating, at all.  It kind of fell apart in the latter half of the film, though.  I think miscasting also hurt it, as the actors who played Kyle Reese and John Connor looked nothing like the versions we have seen before and weren't really that interesting. 

I don't think those films have anything to do with the new one performing poorly.  I think most fans got excited when they heard Cameron was attached to the film, as well as Sarah Connor was returning.  But, after the promo shot and the trailer, I know I was turned off.  Didn't help that the director basically called fans who didn't like the promo shot misogynist trolls.  From what I have heard, this film wasn't very good.  I think the twist at the beginning killed it for a lot of people.  And Genisys actually did pretty good in China, $105.4M, while this one seems like it will do less.