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As I'm sure some of you are aware, the newest entry in the Terminator franchise released just a week ago.  Well, things aren't looking so hot for the film.  Seems like many aren't happy with a twist that happens near the beginning of the film, as well as adding plot points some would argue are only for woke points.  My question is, will it be the worst performing sequel in the franchise?


Dark Fate has been on the market for 6 days.  The list below has its first 6 days compared with the other sequels in the franchise, and shows the others' DBO total.  T2 is not listed because I don't have the daily data for it.  And let's be honest, as the highest performing sequel, T:DF won't come close to it.

T3 Day 6 Total: $72.4M              DBO Total: $150.4M
Salvation Day 6 Total: $69M       DBO Total: $125.3M
Genisys Day 6 Total: $45.9M      DBO Total: $89.8M
T:DF Day 6 Total: $36.2M

Considering that DF opened slightly higher than Genisys, but has fallen much quicker than it, I think it's safe to assume it will be the lowest DBO of the series.  It seems the other 3 did roughly 2x their 6 day total in the end, so T:DF will most likely hit ~$72.5M for its DBO total.


We really only have the opening weekend for T:DF at the foriegn box office, so I will list those, as well as the others' totals.

T3 Opening: $44M                    FBO Total: $282.7M
Salvation Opening: $31.1M       FBO Total: $240.2M
Genisys Opening: $85.5M         FBO Total: $342.4M
T:DF Opening: $94.6M

While the opening looks great compared to the others, it's important to note that the openings of T3 and Salvation were much more staggered at the FBO.  Also, Genisys did very well at the Chinese BO, making $24.5M its first weekend, barely dropping in its second, and going on to make $105.4M.  While DF did open higher there than Genisys, $26.8M, reports are that, like the DBO, it is falling faster than Genisys after opening weekend.

So, will this be the worst performing Terminator sequel?  Does it even really matter, since it passed the all-important Bechdel Test?

Last edited by thismeintiel - on 07 November 2019