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SpokenTruth said:
Conina said:

Well, DS + Wii sold together 1870 million games, Switch so far only 250 million games:

So only 1620 million Switch games to sell in the next 5 years. Otherwise it is a decline compared to the 7th gen, ain't it?

It's 1 device that's 2.5 years old against 2 devices that are 13/14 years old.

But you said there is a huge amount of overlap from Wii and DS owners. For that group who owned both (50 million? 60 million? 70 million? 80 million?), it doesn't matter if its one or two devices... they bought a lot of games for both devices.

And about the 13/14 years: the biggest part of these games was sold in a much shorter period: 890 million DS games and were sold in a six-year-period and 840 million Wii games were sold in a six-year-period, so 1730 million games in total.