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BillyBong said:
fatslob-:O said:

If you say money isn't an issue then why be down at all about the potential resale value of the 2080 Ti ?

A new series of graphics cards might be introduced in the next ~6 months but what do you think the value of the 2080 Ti is worth to you right now ?

Money isn't an issue for this one purchase.. but I don't want to buy something that I might regret a few months down the line when the next iteration that comes is better and cheaper.  Then if I do move forward with the the 30 series the 2080ti resell value would basically nosedive.  For instance, I buy the 2080 ti I'm eyeing.. it'll run close to $1600.  How likely would this $1600 gpu resell for with a cheaper, better, and more powerful card in the market? The only real value I have at the moment with the 2080ti is wanting the ray tracing in some of the games I'm playing; Minecraft, metro, rdr2, modern warfare.  One thing I'm starting to realize building my PC was a continued wanting of bigger and better.  

I'd wait, but not for the reasons you're stating.

This is technology, and especially computing. The next thing will always be better, is never far off, and will normally be cheaper (relative to performance). I don't think you're as comfortable with making this purchase as you're telling yourself, and $1600 is too much for something you're unsure on.

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