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So, I recently put up a thread talking about how I finally joined the "PC Master Race".. anyways, one of the upgrades I was looking at was to my GPU.  I've finally saved enough to buy the RTX 2080 ti  that I've been eyeing, but reading recent news regarding ampere and the rumors of possible release window for the RTX 30 series in first half 2020, not sure what to do any more.  Life with the 1080ti is still great, but seeing some of the RT stuff out there, even if currently limited, does make me a bit envious.  Money isn't an issue for this one purchase, but reading how the 30 series will be cheaper and more powerful.. should I wait?  Should I take the plunge on the 2080 ti and just sell later?  My concern is the resale value of the 2080 would probably not be there if the 30 series do turn out to be cheaper.. then I'll be kicking myself about an impulse buy that would be hard to resell.  What do you guys think?

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