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Xxain said:
Jpcc86 said:
Guess I'll get the game later on, when they add the rest.
400 is a joke.

400 for a region is not bad; I was expecting less. Actually, 400 + the new ones. Do we have a count of all the new pokemon?

How dated this game looks in every way shape and form is my thing.

Its not bad at all really, its plenty for a single player exprience - And I do agree it looks VERY dated, but speaking only from my personal experience with the game, I enjoy the competitive multiplayer the most. Previous games have showed me that I really dont care much about the characters and story (specially in sun/moon) but I still enjoy the competitive game, and having the roster reduced to 400 tells me many stablished "usable" mons will be left out. And yeah, thats a bit of a bummer.

I read some time ago that they might add them with patches and updates, so Im gonna wait to see if theres any update on that.