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2 million + for a new IP is absolutely not a failure. We don't know if Nintendo could have had different projections/hopes for it internally or anything, but on paper in its own right there is no way that can be called a failure. Anyone trying to say it's a failure are the same type of people who like to try to act like they know more about the inner workings of Nintendo and how Nintendo think than Nintendo do themselves. Literally how would they know if Nintendo considered that a failure or not outside of broad assumptions/guessing? They don't work at Nintendo nor do they work in the industry. It's just people wanting to pretend they know stuff.

Comparing it to Splatoon isn't really fair either because, like you said, Splatoon was a breakout success from the start, on a dead console at the time nontheless, something not many new IP's get to be lucky enough to experience right at the beginning. If we use that as a basis from now on then majority of new IP's would be failures apparently.

I do think we'll see a Arms 2 at some point, idk about on the Switch tho (cause do we even know what that team is working on atm?), but eventually. 

Last edited by FloatingWaffles - on 03 November 2019