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Back in 2013, actors Grahame Edwards, Eryl Lloyd Parry, and Anthony Sergeant dramatically reconstructed a YouTube comment section argument over whether the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One would be better. It made me laugh. A lot. It captured the pretentious drama of calling people names and such over stuff like gaming consoles in all its amusing pettiness. (You can find that comment reconstruction here.) That's what I think of the hardcore console warriors out there. That's how such people strike me.

In all honesty though, at the same time, I often feel sorry for those types of people in as far as they still exist at this point. When I was a kid, most gamers only got one home console per console generation. For example, one who owned a Super NES (or Super Nintendo, as we called it back then) probably didn't also have a Sega Genesis (or a Sega, as it was more often simply called at the time) and vice versa. Today though, it seems like most gamers wind up getting more than one home console per generation. Like for example, most Switch owners also have a PlayStation 4 that they had bought earlier on. That cultural change has definitely reduced the intensity of people's console warring in general over time, in my observation. I think aggressive console warring of the type we're referring to here is something mostly reserved for the exceptions to that rule: the kids who still only get one console per generation or the adults who can only afford one. That can make blindly devoted brand loyalists out of people. There's a level on which I can sympathize with that. Doesn't make the results of that often excessive brand loyalty less funny to watch unfold though.

(And, for those who watched the video, I am grateful to Bob and his army for finally defeating Google+.)

Last edited by Jaicee - on 02 November 2019